LoL Builds By Genetic Algorithm

League of Legends Builds Generated Using Genetic Algorithms

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League of Legend Builds via Genetic Algorithms

Genetic algorithms simulate real world evolution to find novel solutions to combination problems. League of Legends builds are a combination problem where runes and items need to be selected for a build in order to maximize the champions abilities. LoLSolved using Genetic algorithms along with a maths model of League of Legends to find near optimal League of Legends Builds automatically.

LoLSolved supports generating builds for all champions in 12 different roles that correspond to the building of different high level stats such as Burst Damage, Ability Haste, Effective HP Magic, Effective HP Physical and Gap Close. It also supports different trade-offs between these high level stats that give out completely different builds. The site has ~450,000 pre-generated builds and can generate new champion builds on the fly depending on user options.

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Genetic Algorithm

Builds are generated from scratch using machine learning!

User Customization

Builds can be customized in real time!


Guides can be created on the site containing created builds!